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Finally, open for business in Vancouver’s beloved Kitsilano neighbourhood, your friendly Hobo Cannabis Company has risen to the call of recreational cannabis making dried flower, prerolls, capsules and oils available today. Edibles, vaporization and infused beverages coming soon.

So what do we sell?

Across our five decision-tree categories here we carry 20 types of flower and a considered selection of prerolls, bottled oils, oral sprays, capsules and accessories all on display for your browsing pleasure. You can see our live menu here. 👇

Our Menu

We didn’t build this brand for everyone. That’s not how businesses work anymore. Hobo was designed with our tribe in mind, one with aligned values and cultural appetites. That old cliche rings true here and we’re owning it—this is a disruptive brand in a disruptive industry. 🤘