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So, Cannabis? So, Cannabis?

So, Cannabis?

Cannabis is a sticky subject. So, for those who like to keep things simple, we’ve made a 'choose your own adventure' style decision-tree to guide you by intent.

Learn how you can choose your own adventure and take a trip with Hobo.👇

So, Cannabis? So, Cannabis?

The decision-tree

It’s roughly based on levels of THC versus CBD, factoring in high-energy giving elements like Sativa strains and low-energy like Indica. Consider it a slider bar for energy or intent. Subscribe below to learn more and bon voyage.  

How about IRL?

See it for yourself in one of our locations in Vancouver, Kelowna or Ottawa. Find out more about them here. Don't see one in your city? Hobo is on the way, subscribe below to find out when a store opens near you.

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